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What are the requirements for participation?

For Prep Team: Boys and Girls ages 6-13

For Varsity Team: Boys and Girls ages 14 to the end of their senior year of high school

Must live within the State of Louisiana

Must have a permanent lower limb disability

Refer to the NWBA website for more details

Do I have to be wheelchair-bound to play?

No. Many players are ambulatory and only use the chairs to play.

Do I need to know how to play basketball before I can join?

No. Our coaches are eager and willing to help all players regardless of their experience.    


How often do we practice?

At least twice a month, on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month. We practice year-round.


How tall are the basketball goals?

Prep – 8.5’ goal

Varsity – 10’ goal

Frequently Asked Questions

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