Who can play?

  • For Prep Team – Boys and Girls ages 6-13

  • For Varsity Team - Boys and Girls ages 14 to end of their senior year of high school. 

  • Live within the State of Louisiana.

  • Must have a permanent lower limb disability.  


Do you need to know how to play basketball before you can join?

No. Our coaches are eager and willing to help all players at whatever level they are at.    


How often do we practice?

At least twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays  of the month. We practice all twelve months.


How tall are the basketball goals?

  • Prep – 8.5’ goal

  • Varsity – 10’ goal

How many times is a player allowed to push the wheelchair with the ball in your lap before you must make a pass or dribble the ball?

You can push two times then you have to dribble the ball.